The Best Home For Our Furniture Is Yours.

McMahon’s provides delivery, installation, and repair from right here in Luxemburg. You’ll never get caught in a phone tree, sent to some distant warehouse or third-party facility when you purchase from McMahon’s of Luxemburg. We sell quality lines, and we back what we sell. Pretty simple, eh?


McMahon’s Furniture has been a Luxemburg fixture for nearly a century. The historic building it occupies is rich in history, lore and local character. Over these many years things have changed, however – certain key elements have always remained constant. Personalized service, attention to detail, and carrying quality lines of furniture.


McMahon’s of Luxemburg sells quality merchandise at reasonable prices, because we buy in volume and sell with low overhead. This means we are able to sell at the type of price point you might see at the chain stores, but we do it with small-town personalized service, support and attention to detail that simply cannot be found anywhere else.