Ed and Murcile McMahon came to Luxemburg in 1935 and purchased the combination Furniture Store and Funeral Home at 530 Main St. The building had been serving this dual-purpose since 1907. They began renovating and redesigning the respective businesses and when the building was being remodeled, the took to selling furniture and conducting funeral services out of their home.

Murcile McMahon was trained as a business education teacher, and when her husband died in 1941, she was left with the decision to either sell, or simply forge ahead on her own. It was an easy decision for Murcile, she had too much invested in the venture to simply hand it off to someone else. She sought the necessary education and licensing to proceed with the business, and proceed she did! In 1948, she expanded the furniture store by moving it to the spacious Kieweg-Peters Department Store building located at 706 Main Street – McMahon Furniture’s current location.

Murcile was a forward thinking businessperson, and boldly ventured into the Green Bay media market, placing radio, television, billboard and newspaper advertising to educate customers about the unique furniture store. She often came up with innovative promotions that included using the building to host dances, vaudeville shows and movie screenings.

In 1970, Murcile purchased the building across the street, and that building is now home to McMahon’s Sleep Shop – the bedroom wing of McMahon’s Furniture. In 1972 Murcile sold the store to three of her loyal employees; Robert Heim, Gerald Cravillion and Thomas J. Rueckl. In 2005, they passed the torch to their sons; Mark Heim, Jon Cravillion, and Jeff Rueckl who continue to run the business the same way Murcile did: by carrying quality lines of furniture, and servicing what they sell.